Infographic- How to Get Ideas for Blog Content

  • 25 Aug, 2012
  • Jon Tucker

Creating compelling content is the key to success in online business – if you don’t have anything interesting to say, than your prospects are going to go to a competitor.

But coming up with ideas for content is tough to do on a consistent basis. Below is an infographic walking you through a few sources you can mine for content ideas and tools that can help you do this efficiently.

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Compete Marketing Group shares ways to come up with ideas for blog content.
Blog Content Ideas Infographic
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Cool infographic Jon! I'm curious how you use Google Docs to automate all of this stuff...isn't Google Docs just for spreadsheets and word docs online? Looking fwd to attending the webinar!
    Jon Tucker
    Glad you liked it Mark and happy to have you join us at the webinar. RE: Google Docs Yes, Google Docs can be used to make spreadsheets and word docs. BUT, Google Doc spreadsheets can also be used for much more. I think the easiest way to explain this is that it can automatically copy and paste abunch of content that is shown on a webpage. For example, you could copy and paste every single URL shown in the search results on Google for a specific search in seconds. In short, you enter a short code into the spreadsheet cell and the spreadsheet goes out and copy and pastes the info for you - we'll actually be diving into this on our webinar, so you're in luck!

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