3 Types of Blog Posts – Podcast 009

  • 31 Jul, 2013
  • Jon Tucker

We have discussed in previous podcasts how important it is to start a blog to use to be visible in your market and viewed as an expert in your particular industry.

But coming up with ideas for blog posts can be challenging. In this episode of The Compete Marketing Group Podcast, we share three types of blog posts (not ideas, but themes / formats for a post) to help you think of what to write about.

Blog Post Type #1 – The How-to Post

A common type of blog post is the “how-to” post. This explains how to do something that your audience would be interested in.

It should be about a specific action; not general, and explain steps that should be taken in order for them to accomplish that specific goal.

Tips for writing a how-to blog post:

  • Select a very specific topic – Choose a topic about achieving something specific that your prospects would be interested in.
  • Explain the steps in order – Walk your readers step-by-step through each task in the order it should be done to complete the action and get the desired results.
  • Topics related to your business or industry – Make sure your how-to topics relate to your business or industry. For example, if your company provides IT security services, you might want to provide a blog on “How To Perform a 5-Minute Network Security Check.”

The keys to an effective how-to blog post are to be specific, present the information in the right order, and provide a clear guide on how the reader can accomplish whatever it is you are explaining.

Blog Post Type #2 – The Curated Post

A curated post is a compilation of different resources related to a central topic. This type of post draws on popular content on someone else’s blog that’s related to your topic and connected to your business service or product.

How to create a curated blog post:

  • Introduce a topic to discuss – Choose a topic for the post, which is what you’ll be compiling content about.
  • Compile related resources – Compile a list of related posts and other blog posts about your topic. For example, an IT security company may want to discuss security breaches at Fortune 500 companies and create a list of different security fiascos that have occurred at Fortune 500 companies which were documented in the media.
  • Briefly summarize and link – Create a list of news posts about your central topic and summarize each one with one or two sentences, providing links to the sources. Connect it to your business with a suggested solution or service your company could provide if this doesn’t seem too salesy.

If you need help with curated blog posts, contact us and we’ll help you by providing a number of tools to help you come up with compelling blog post topics.

Blog Post Type #3 – The Frequently Asked Question(s) Post

The Frequently Asked Question blog post answers a question that your prospects often ask or have previously asked.

  • Answer a common question your customers ask – If you find yourself answering the same question or questions from your customers, use that to create a blog post.
  • List one to three questions customers have asked – Make a short list of questions customers have asked you recently to use as blog posts.
  • Provide the information your customers want – Using customer questions for frequently asked questions blog posts gives you content related to your business that customers want. Keep answers brief and specific to the question to create a helpful guide.

To ensure your blog helps build your business, you need a recurring and systematic blogging strategy. Plan your blog content and make a schedule for regular posting. We can help you develop and even manage your blogging strategy – contact us to discuss specific ideas for your business.

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