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Getting exposure on Forbes.com or CNBC is supposed to be for the most elite of elite companies. But with access to just a few simple tools and the discipline to spend 20 minutes per week, any business can get coverage on major media outlets and grow their business.


Kony 2012 Case Study- Over 100 Million Views

If you follow any trends online, you’ve most likely heard a lot of buzz lately about Kony 2012. Kony 2012 is a video created by Invisible Children, a non-profit client of ours based here in San Diego.

The video is being called “the most viral video of all time”…and the stats prove it.


Case Study- More Than Doubling Lead Conversion Rate

Scott Desind and Mike Klijian are traffic ticket attorneys based in southern California. They were referred to us from TicketKick, a client that we manage SEO / Google rankings for that is also in the ticket services business.

The Traffic Ticket Attorneys (TTA) were in need of a new website in addition to development and management of an effective SEO / Google rankings strategy as part of their 2012 growth plans for the firm.

We worked with The Traffic Ticket Attorneys to launch an updated website with a professional design, integration of SEO best practices, and lead-generation focused layout. In addition, we helped TTA develop and integrate effective online traffic / lead reporting in order to ensure that the profitability of all online marketing efforts over time.

Immediately after launching the website, the rate of visitors that turn into leads (i.e. conversion rate) increased by more than 100% resulting in a higher volume of leads produced from the same amount of website traffic. In addition, we’re working with TTA to increase the traffic they receive through SEO / Google rankings over time.

Case Study- Helping Non-Profit Leverage Their Huge Network

Invisible Children (IC) is a San Diego based 501(c)3 public charity focused on ending conflict in Northern Uganda. Their story and work is incredibly inspiring and we encourage you to learn more at InvisibleChildren.com.

While IC had a website in place and (a lot of) buzz online from their network around the world, they had not integrated SEO best practices into their business. This meant they were not getting all of the exposure that was possible on Google and other search engines.

IC reached out to us to help them leverage all aspects of their organization to increase the exposure they receive online (in search engines specifically) in order to spread their cause.

Our initial work involved:

  • Ensuring their website was technically accessible to Google, through conducting our extensive SEO Audit and guiding their technical team in implementing recommendations
  • Identifying the types of keywords people search for online that could indicate a connection to IC’s cause, although the searcher may not already be aware of IC specifically.
  • Integrating keyword targeting throughout their website to ensure that Google understood the relevance of IC content to highly searched keywords

In addition to the website SEO and keyword targeting work described above, we conducted an extensive discovery process to understand all aspects of how IC currently interacts online. Using this information, we conducted a thorough training session with multiple departments within their organization to help them integrate SEO into their day to day activities as a means of exponentially growing their website authority over time. This philosophy of integrating SEO into all aspects of the organization leads to an extremely effective SEO strategy.

By ensuring their website is accessible to Google, utilizing the keyword targeting recommendations, and integrating SEO authority building into their day to day activities, IC has been rapidly growing the exposure they receive for their cause online.