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2 Easy Ways to Get Google Reviews


Getting ranked on the 1st page of Google can send a large number of visitors to your website. One of the most important factors in getting ranked on Google in front of people searching for local businesses in your area are reviews of your business that exist online.


Huge Free Publicity in 20 Minutes Per Week


Getting exposure on Forbes.com or CNBC is supposed to be for the most elite of elite companies. But with access to just a few simple tools and the discipline to spend 20 minutes per week, any business can get coverage on major media outlets and grow their business.


SEO for Press Releases- What Matters and What Doesn’t

Distributing press releases is not something that should be done specifically for SEO.  Reason being, they’re not as powerful as they used to be in boosting website authority. While you might get links to your website when the press release is distributed online, Google knows that these links are all coming from the same press release and the links are therefore discredited quite a bit (if not completely).

There are much better ways to get links to your website.


Recap- Boosting Authority and Rankings Webinar

The webinar today went great and we had a lot of unique businesses in attendance. We hope to see all of you on the next scheduled webinar.

Recap of Webinar Content

We discussed ways that you can boost your website’s authority with the goal of increasing your search engine rankings and online revenue.

We’ve published a recap video that you can view to look back on key concepts or see what we covered if you were unable to attend. Note that we keep the recap videos shorter than the actual webinar content to allow for brief viewing.