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Google Rating Guide Leaked- No Big Secrets

Google uses human raters to manually review many websites in order to ensure their search results are truly relevant and helpful to searchers…not everything can be sifted through with their almighty algorithms.

Last week, a Google document was leaked that’s essentially instructions and guidelines for rater team members to do their job. This means SEOs now have a better understanding of how Google evaluates sites.


Excel Formula to Write 1000′s of Product Descriptions Quickly

Writing descriptions for your products or web pages is easy if you have 5, 10, or 20 web pages. However, we work with a few larger clients that have 100′s of web pages or sometimes even 1000′s of products in a web store.

While our recommendation is to have unique descriptions for all of these pages / products (which is good for SEO), it’s something that takes way too much time for most clients (and sometimes doesn’t happen due to the time constraints).


Google Analytics Custom Reports Can Help Increase Revenue

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In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google Analytics can be a very useful tool. Reports can be tailored using some custom features of the system. This gives valuable information that can be used in analyzing how to increase revenue on a site.

In a post by Sajeet Nair on SEOmoz, he used some custom reports to find out how he could increase revenue on a website.  While reviewing the reports it was discovered that a couple of the browsers (Opera, Opera Mini) had about the same number of visits, but one had higher revenue. While analyzing this, it was noticed that one of the other browsers (Android) had fewer visits but was receiving over 5000% more revenue when compared to Opera and Opera Mini.

The discovery was made that when searching for the website on these three browsers, both Opera and Opera Mini (which is a mobile browser) link to the desktop versions of the website, but Android links to the mobile version of the website.  The takeaway form this analysis is that when mobile users were taken to the mobile version of the site, then revenue will improve.

For a review of your website to understand if you are missing out on revenue or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or comment below.


Image credit: Via Flickr user welendcashhouston

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Google’s Panda Update

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According to the SEOmoz Daily Blog by Cyrus Shepard, Google’s Panda Update looks at the entire site instead of just pages. You may ask how this affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well, it means that while a site might have a great page or two, if other pages have some of the following mistakes then it can make the ranking with Google lower for the entire site.

Too Much Almost Duplicate Content – does the site have enough original content or have you re-purposed your (or other people’s) content?

Empty Pages – does the site contain pages that do not have much in the way of content; is most of the page blank?

Repetitive and Coincidental Articles – does the site have several posts that talk about the same thing with a little different keyword phrases?

Too Many Ads – Even though Google’s Adsense wants sites to have their ads on the site, Google’s Panda update will lower the ranking of a site if their are far too many ads.

Automatic Content – if the site contains pages built by machines then Panda will devalue the site. This is related to the content quality recommendations above.

Does your site need to be remodeled  or redesigned to take care of any of these issues? Contact us or comment below.


Image credit: Via Flickr user Henry407 ( HL )