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Find Guest Blogging Opportunities on Twitter


In addition to using advanced Google searches, Twitter is a great resource for finding guest post opportunities. Bloggers usually share their guest posts on Twitter, which means you can search through this data to find blogs that publish guest content.

Although there will usually be many sites that you wouldn’t want to target for various reasons (low audience and / or authority), you will nearly always find at least a few good prospects to connect with.

Below are a Twitter searches to consider:

  • “guest post” AND (keyword) - example
  • guest AND article AND (keyword) - example
    **please note these examples are updated by Twitter in real-time, so the results you see will be different from what we’re seeing while writing this post…

You can search from the top toolbar throughout Twitter.com or visit search.twitter.com to see a list of potential search operators to use.

Google Searches to Find Guest Posts


One of the first things to do in a guest blogging campaign, once you’ve figured out what type of content you want to publish, is to identify bloggers to reach out to. There are multiple ways to do this, but using Google is one of the first to consider. However, if you’re not using advanced search operators, then you’re most likely missing out on golden opportunities.

Below are a few advanced Google searches that are helpful (remove the parenthesis around keyword):

  • intitle:”guest post” AND (keyword) – example
  • intitle:”1…100 (keyword)” – example

Here’s an entire list of Google advanced search operators to you can try all types of searches.

Content Ideas from Q&A and How-To Websites

There are so many question and answer websites online today: Quora, Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, and so many more. While this may seem like a lot of noise in the marketplace, it actually presents a great opportunity to get ideas for content in any industry.

There’s a great post at Search Engine Watch on how to do this, but here’s a few key points: