2 Ways to Find Blogs Interested in Your Business

  • 26 Sep, 2011
  • Jon Tucker

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A large focus of increasing search engine rankings through SEO is doing what is called “blogger outreach”.

In short, blogger outreach is the process of identifying and reaching out to bloggers in a specific niche that would be genuinely interested in talking about your product.

Bloggers Can Help SEO and Overall Traffic

Not only is blogger outreach effective for increasing your search engine rankings since you’re getting website links from the bloggers, but it can also be a huge source of traffic if you get exposure on a blog with a large audience.

How to Find Bloggers Interested In Your Business

While we’ll cover additional aspects of blogger outreach in other posts, this post is meant to describe a few of the ways that we identify blogs for our clients when we’re doing blogger outreach on their behalf.

Find Bloggers Using an Existing List

There are quite a few sources you can use to find a list of bloggers in a specific niche that have been compiled by someone else. For example,, a popular Q&A website, can be a great source of existing lists.

Below are examples of using existing lists:

  • I found a list of backpacking blogs on Quora- great for the travel niche
  • In another Quora post, I found a reference to a weekly list of the Top 100 Indy Travel Blogs– this is a highly qualified list that should be considered if you’re doing a campaign in the travel niche.

Using Blog Directories to Find Bloggers

In addition to using existing lists of bloggers, you can use blog-specific search engines that have compiled blogs on a range of topics. You can identify blogs by topic, readership, and even see the most popular posts on each blog.

Below are a few blog directories to consider:

  •– This is great for finding all types of blogs and the interface is better than other similar tools in my opinion.
  • Google Blog Search– Google Blog Search allows you to search through blogs (instead of all websites) via Google. In addition to performing standard searches, we use specific Google Search Operators to find blogs based on specific criteria. An example is blogs with “my backpacking trip” in the title.

Elements of a Blogger Outreach Campaign

While the above steps are helpful for finding bloggers, below are additional things to consider when conducting blogger outreach that we’ll write a few posts about soon.

  • Craft a unique pitch that connects with their interest
  • Find content they’ve published in the past that is in alignment with your pitch
  • Track your progress extensively- this is very similar to tracking your business development process.

Are You Reaching Out to Bloggers?

Let us know how you’re integrating this into your own web marketing in the comments below or by contacting us directly. We’d be happy to discuss your project further and refer you to a few more tactics not covered in this post.

image credit: Flickr user Kamikura


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