2 Easy Ways to Get Google Reviews

  • 16 Oct, 2012
  • Jon Tucker
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Getting ranked on the 1st page of Google can send a large number of visitors to your website. One of the most important factors in getting ranked on Google in front of people searching for local businesses in your area are reviews of your business that exist online.

Getting Consistent Reviews is Important – and HARD

For example, if your business consistently gets 2-3 reviews per month online than Google will realize your importance in the marketplace and show your website on the 1st page. However, acquiring these reviews consistently can be challenging.

There are some situations where it makes sense to ask someone for a review of your business. Many businesses overlook these opportunities to get a review for their business and struggle for months to acquire the number of Google reviews required to dominate the first page of Google – this number is different for every market by the way.

2 Easy Ways to Get Reviews

Below are the most common situations in which you should request a review:

  • After your work is done with a client, send them an email to followup and subtly request that they publish a review online. Ideally, they should publish a review on your Google business listing, but any online review can help your business too as Google often considers reviews left on other websites.
  • After working with a vendor or business partner, ask the vendor to publish a review of your business. While this might sound counter-intuitive, many businesses receive reviews if they’re often working with other vendors as part of their work. An example is a the review on Yelp for a wedding caterer here in San Diego that my wife and I loved at our wedding. This DJ has worked with PTD at a wedding and published a positive review on As long as it makes clear that they’re a vendor that worked with you, there’s not problem with this and it counts towards your review count.

Remember, sometimes the easiest ways to grow your website’s authority are the simplest ones. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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