How to Blog- For Busy Business Owners

  • 14 Oct, 2011
  • Jon Tucker

Part of having a successful website is ensuring that you regularly publish new content to the site. In most cases, this new content comes in the form of blog posts such as the one you’re reading right now.

However, many business owners feel that they don’t have the time to be regularly writing blog posts each week (or multiple times per week if possible). This is a common challenge we see with clients that are new to blogging, and we recommend a few different strategies to publish frequent content without requiring lots of your own time.

Summarize Other People’s Posts

Rather than creating an entire blog post (i.e. 350+ words with lots of details) multiple times per week, consider summarizing someone else’s blog post and linking to it. These posts can be found by searching on Google, regularly checking popular sites in your industry, or using Google Reader to see all the blogs you’re interested in within a single interface.

By writing around 100 words about the topic, summarizing the key point of the author’s post, and linking to the author to give them credit, you’re getting the benefit of unique content on your site and a certain amount of thought leadership without having to write out an entire post.

For example, our blog utilizes this strategy fairly regularly (example post here)- we regularly get Google visitors coming to this type of blog content and have even received a client recently who found us through one of these posts.

It should be noted that you really need to link to the original author if doing a clear summary, as other bloggers won’t be too happy with you if you just paraphrase their content and call it your own…

Utilizing Content Writers to Create Content For You

While you can use the above summary tactic to release a few posts per week, it’s still recommended that you release a full post at least once every week or two- otherwise, it’s hard to establish yourself as a true thought leader in your space.

Rather than writing the post yourself, you can develop a list of topics you want posts to be created on and hire a content writer online to produce the content on your behalf. You can then review the content and publish it to your blog, thus eliminating much of the time required in managing your blog.

Below are a few resources to consider:

  • TextBroker– TextBroker enables you to hire US-based writers on a flat-fee model based on the number of words you need written and your quality expectation (they have a rating system for the content).
  • Elance– While filtering through responses will take quite a bit of time when you post your project on elance, it’s possible to find high quality writers at competitive rates.
  • Local Students- Another thing to consider is hiring a student at a local university to create the blog content remotely. Oftentimes, it’s possible to find a skilled student with great writing skills who is willing to write the content for you on a regular basis to build their resume and experience.

There are a range of other ways to hire people to create content for you, but those are probably the easiest.

Are You Releasing Content Regularly?

No matter how you do it, the important part is to be releasing content regularly. Let us know in the comments the challenges and successes that you’ve seen when creating content on a regular basis for your business.

Image credit: Flickr user Anspach

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