Photo Widget Slideshows for Link Building

  • 26 Nov, 2011
  • Jon Tucker

Getting links to your website is an important part of increasing your Google rankings– but it’s not easy to do. We’re always working with our SEO and link building clients to come up with unique ways to get links.

In some cases, creating a photo slideshow that can be shared within your market can be a great way to do this.

How A Photo Slideshow Provides Links

To be clear, we’re not talking about creating a photo slideshow that can only be viewed on your own website. Instead, we’re talking about creating a photo slideshow that can be viewed on your website and shared by readers who want to publish the slideshow to their own website.

When someone publishes your slideshow to their own website, they’re doing what is called “embedding” the slideshow on their website. This means their own audience can see your photo slideshow (don’t worry, you still get credit as described below) and you get a link back to your website.

A compelling slideshow with the right amount of promotion leg work behind it can spread quickly throughout a market.

“But Photo Slideshows Aren’t Relevant to My Business…”

Even though you may not be in the business of creating photos, like a wedding photographer for example, you can most likely still apply the photo slideshow tactic to your own business.

Here are few unique times when a photo slideshow could be used:

  • Showcasing an upcoming new product line
  • Documenting a tradeshow or conference
  • Sharing customer-generated photos of your products

Stuck while brainstorming? Share your questions in the comments and we’ll work together to come up with an idea for you.

Create Your Slideshow for FREE

So now you’re ready to create a slideshow, but you’re expecting to have to work with your development team to add the feature to your website, right? Wrong!

While you can definitely create your own customer slideshow widget on your website, we usually recommend a low-cost or no-cost approach initially while you’re testing the tactic.

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Flickr Account- Create an account on for your business
  2. Flickr Album- Create a Flickr Album (called a “collection” or “set”) for the photos in the slideshow
  3. Create Slideshow Code- Input the collection or set information into, a great tool for creating the code easily for the embeddable slideshow. You usually don’t need to enter additional information.
    *Note that we’ve used a “group” instead of a “collection” or “set” below, but the effect is the same.
  4. Add Keywords to Slideshow Code- Modify the code created by to include keyword links to your website. We’ve removed some of the code (red text with line through it below) and added some text (green text / highlighted text below) which you can use as a template. Note that you would want to replace the highlighted links and text with your own links and text.

To publish the slideshow on your own website, just add the code you created to your website. For example, I’ve pasted our final code below so that you can see how the slideshow looks- notice the text with our links underneath the slideshow.

Created by Compete Marketing Group using to showcase a unique link building service we implement for clients.

How to Enable Other People to Publish the Slideshow

Anyone that wants to publish the slideshow simply needs to enter the same code you used above into their own webpage- the slideshow will then appear exactly as it does above.

We usually recommend doing this by creating a simple “Embed Slideshow” section on the webpage where you’ve published your slideshow (i.e. maybe a post on your blog). In this section, you would just show the code so that they can copy and paste it directly into their webpage- you can get fancier if you have development skills (i.e. a “embed this” button that shows the code when clicked).

When working with clients, we help them promote the slideshow in their market so that they start to acquire a large number of links from the slideshow. In some cases, we’ll even work with less technically savvy prospects to publish the slideshow to their website directly by ourselves so that they don’t have to do the leg work.

Can You Use This Tactic?

What are some ways you could be using to share slideshow related content in your market? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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