Recap- Content Idea Machine Webinar- 9/5/12

  • 5 Sep, 2012
  • Jon Tucker

We had a massive turnout at our webinar today – thanks to all those that attended!

In this presentation, we covered a lot of material that is going to help you grow your business. Below are key topics from the presentation:

Business online is like business offline – you need to be interesting and compelling
– Great content is the key to acquiring customers – but creating great content is hard
– There are websites you can use to know what topics are popular in your market
Automate the process of gathering data from these websites using advanced spreadsheet tools
– Use the topics you’ve identified as popular to create your own content

Weren’t Able to Attend?

If you weren’t able to attend, please be sure to request an invite to future events here by either registering for the next event or filling out the “can’t attend” form. We hold regular webinars and would love for you to join us on the next one.

Attended and Want the Recording and Tools?

As discussed on the webinar, those of you that attended can get access to the webinar recording, tools, and further consultation re: how to use these tools and tactic in your business. Visit the members page and complete the purchase process for this webinar’s content and training – you will then be taken to a page with the webinar recording and details re: the consultation.

Recap of Resources and Tools Reviewd

Below are websites reviewed during the presentation: to search through Twitter
Yahoo Answers to review questions people discuss on various topics

Below are tools discussed during the webinar:

– Automated Data Compiler – This tool automates the process of searching through Twitter content about specific topics and sorting the content based on the number of different people discussing the content on Twitter.
– Automated Yahoo Answers Compiler   – This tool automates the process of going to Yahoo Answer’s, searching for questions about a specific topic, and compiling all of these questions into a spreadsheet along with the number of answers each of those questions have received.

Register now for the next event, as we’ll continue sharing information you can use to grow your business.

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