3 Huge Brands Making Basic SEO Mistakes

  • 6 Apr, 2012
  • Jon Tucker

While SEO is an important piece of the marketing mix and can drive the most profitable leads, it remains a marketing tactic that is often misunderstood. Granted, there are numerous “SEO agencies” and Google marketing experts in this space, some of which leave companies that do venture into SEO with bad taste in their mouth.

By not receiving the right guidance regarding how SEO works and how to apply it to a business, many businesses simply hold off on pursuing SEO and end up leaving lots of money and opportunity on the table.

Even Fortune 500’s Make SEO Mistakes

Below are 3 huge brands that aren’t currently leveraging basic SEO on their websites. With the clout these firms have and resources that can be leveraged in an SEO campaign, it’s likely that they’re missing out on $10K’s or even $100K’s of increased revenue per month by not pursuing SEO.

Urban Outfitters

As of April 6, 2012, Urban Outfitters does not reference their XML sitemap in their robots.txt file. While this may sound like technical jargon, the sitemap is basically a map of your website that enables Google to quickly understand the overall structure of your website.

While having an XML sitemap is a good first step, listing it in your robots.txt file so that Google can quickly access it is a basic SEO best practice that would have been addressed if Urban Outfitters had conducted a quick SEO audit of their website.


Avon does not have headings (H1) on their product pages. Similar to how you scan a document and look at the title, headings, bolding, etc to gain a quick understanding of it, Google uses H1’s to quickly understand the content on a webpage.

By not using H1’s on product pages, Avon is making it more difficult for Google to quickly understand the product they’re trying to sell so that it can be presented in Google’s search results.


LLBean isn’t using headings (H1) for the category name on their product category pages. For example, “men’s footware” should be the heading on this category page so that Google quickly realizes this page is showcasing LLBean’s men’s footware products. However, “Men’s Footware” at the top is an H2 as of 4/6/12 and the page does not have an H1.

This could help LLBean’s rankings jump from the 2nd page (as of 4/6/12) to the 1st page of Google for men’s footwear, helping them reach the 1,000’s of prospects that search on Google for Men’s Footwear each month.


Basic SEO Is a Must Have

While not all companies are able to launch a full-scale SEO campaign to dominate their market on Google, all companies can take the basics of SEO and implement them to give themselves the best chance to achieve Google rankings in their market.

Let us know in the comments if you’re unsure if your website meets basic SEO best practices. We’d be happy to take a look at no cost.


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