Sharing Other Content Provides Value

  • 31 Jul, 2014
  • Jon Tucker

Creating your own content can take a lot of time, but sharing other people’s content that your audience will appreciate can help position you as a helpful authority in your industry. In this episode of The Compete Marketing Group Show, we discuss a number of tools that you can use to identify great content to share in only 10 minutes per day.


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These simple tools can help you provide value to your audience without taking too much of your time in creating content.

How Sharing 3rd Party Content Works

People want to learn and they will learn from valuable resources that you share even if it’s not content that you actually create yourself. They’ll appreciate that referral to great resources and you’ll be established as an authority and a valuable resource in your industry because you provided it to them, and referred them to that content.

This is how sharing works and you therefore, don’t need to create all the content yourself.

3 Tools You Can Use To Share Content Online

There are a number of systems that you can use to share content online. Below are the 3 we recommend;

Google alert – Google alert enables you to essentially tell Google that you want to be notified anytime a new piece of content is published online and that meets your specified topic criteria.

Social Networks Lists – Twitter and Facebook enable you to see social media updates from a select group of people that you think share valuable content. You can even look at Twitter and Facebook to identify additional ideas for content based on what others are sharing.

Reader App – This application enables you to look at all of the blogs in one place.

  • By using a single app for your iPad, your phone or your computer, you can look through multiple industry blogs and multiple industry web publications.
  • That app can group all of that content into a single location, and enable you to review all of it very quickly.
  • You can review an entire industry’s worth of content within minutes rather than spending hours in going to different publications.

Set-up A Daily Workflow To Share Content

Once you have a system like this in place, setup a daily workflow for sharing content.

  • Make sure you spend some time – as little as 10 minutes per day using this system we discussed in above heads.
  • You would essentially spend that 10 minutes reviewing all the different content that you’re seeing within your system in Google alerts, in your social network list, and in your reader app, and
  • Then you would add interesting content that you want to share into your sharing queue.

Over time, the sharing queue is going to gradually share that content, so if you say you want to do two or three social media updates a day, then it’s going to pull two or three social media updates from your queue and it’s going to share those.

Summary And Next Actions

If you’re interested in using this type of system in your business feel free to contact us. We can help you develop an overall strategy of how this fits into your business.

We can also help you build the entire system and manage it throughout the month. We have a range of packages that we use with businesses like yours to help them get benefits from content marketing strategies like this.


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