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Compete Marketing Group is a search engine optimization (SEO) agency that helps businesses increase their rankings on search engines, such as Google, and grow revenue.

With years of experience helping businesses maximize the exposure they receive online, we have developed the unique ability to truly educate clients regarding all aspects of web marketing. While managing client campaigns is a day to day responsibility, the priority of all of our engagements is to ensure that you as the client truly understand how SEO / online marketing affects your marketplace and how to best address the opportunity for exposure.

Live Workshops for Executives / Business Owners

Through live on-site workshops, we help executive groups better understand:

  • How to assess the online marketing needs of their own organization
  • How to structure effective campaigns when an opportunity is identified
  • How to measure and evaluate online marketing campaigns over time

Workshop material is designed to provide executives with a comprehensive understanding of online marketing that would enable them to execute campaigns on their own if they chose to. In addition, executives that have employees or outside firms at their disposal for campaign management will be educated in how to ensure that their campaigns are effective / profitable.

Potential Workshop Topics

Workshop topics are customized for each group, but popular topics include:

  • SEO for the CEO: In this interactive presentation, Jon Tucker provides actionable takeaways members can use to increase the exposure their business receives on Google and other search engines in order to increase the revenue they generate online. See details of this topic here.
  • Online Ad Campaigns: How to structure an online ad campaign, how to continuously measure and increase performance, and advanced targeting tactics to own the market.


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