Connecticut Bookkeeping

The Client’s Background

Before starting work with us, this Connecticut bookkeeping and accounting provider had a range of services for various clients generated through networking and referrals. He was intrigued by the opportunity to generate leads online in order to systematically grow his business.

How We Helped

We started by building a strong foundation for growth:

  • We built a new website that effectively showcases how he helps clients
  • The website was strategically designed to generate phone and email leads

From there, we began driving traffic to the website:

  • We configured a Google advertising campaign to show his website to prospects searching for his services
  • We improved his Google rankings over time for high value keywords his prospects search for

We’ve continued to expand our work together to pursue more opportunities:

  • We create and publish content to his website, which positions him as an industry authority which improves the quality of prospects
  • We promote this content through an email newsletter, which serves as a consistent value-building touch point with prospects
  • We provide guidance to help him manage the increased revenue and workload, including implementing a lead management system.

The Results

Below are the results we’ve achieved in helping this client grow their business:

  • Incoming inquiries from qualified prospects has grown from 1-2 per week to 10-12 per week
  • The overall quality of new prospects has increased based on his authority positioning in the market
  • Based on this authority, as well as the growth in prospects, he’s been able to consistently increase rates
  • The increased revenue has enabled him to hire additional staff, which allows him to focus “on the business”

The Proof

Apart from the results above, below is proof of the quality of our work:

  • Based on what we have been able to accomplish, he’s invested over $50,000 since starting work together and continues to invest thousands each quarter in our services.
  • He has referred multiple additional clients which have continued work with us.


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