Regardless of where you’re at in your business, there are opportunities to improve. These opportunities fall within 3 phases:

Build on an Effective Platform

It’s important to have an effective platform to grow your business. This means having a website that can clearly communicate your value to prospects and convert visitors into leads for your business. If your platform is broken, getting more exposure to prospects actually hurts your business.

Systematically Get More Prospects

Once you have a strong platform in place, you need to get exposure to more prospects you can help. Most businesses rely on referrals or other organic sources of leads they aren’t in direct control of. To get to the next level, you need to have a multiple systematic processes for generating leads.

Manage Profits as You Grow

Once you are getting exposure to more prospects and growing the business, it’s important to manage growth carefully. If you do not manage your systems carefully and adjust as the business grows, the growth will work against your business and eventually cause the business to “break”.

How We Can Help

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We have experience helping businesses at all stages, but most businesses that are honest in their self-assessment realize they are lacking in the “Platform” or “Prospects” phase.

While it’s possible to have some success without perfecting each phase, it’s not possible to significantly grow the business until these issues are addressed.

Effective Websites

We can help you create a new website or configure your existing website to be more effective at generating leads and revenue for your business.

Exposure to Prospects

We can help you build systematic ways to get more exposure to prospects, including SEO / Google rankings, online advertising campaigns, and more.

Managing Growth

We can also help you ensure your systems stay strong as the business grows, as we have experience owning and operating a range of businesses.

Client Success Stories

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We've been in business since the 90's, but have struggled a lot in recent years. Jon helped us overcome some huge challenges we had with our old website system and has been an asset to our team in growing the business.
Richard H
Natural Supplement E-Commerce Company
Jon responds quickly and his team has helped us grow significantly and move quickly. We’ve brought more projects to the team and look forward to continued success together.
Barb B
Northeastern US Chain of Health Clinics
Wow! It’s amazing what Jon has been able to accomplish with us. We’ve nearly doubled the business, and have taken really competitive market share from competitors. Thanks!!!!
Mark S
Los Angeles Law Firm
Compete Marketing Group has managed my marketing since 2009. I’ve been impressed with their work ethic, the results they’ve achieved, and the professionalism with which they manage projects and campaigns.
Bernard R
Connecticut QuickBooks Consultant