We specialize in SEO and have the results to prove it. However, we also have experience in all other aspects of web marketing including design, development, online advertising, conversion optimization, analytics, and more. This enables us to bring a unique perspective to the projects that we are involved with.

In addition to managing SEO projects and campaigns for businesses across the US, we work with marketing agencies of all types to manage SEO for their clients on their behalf (either through white labeling our services, referrals, etc.).

These services were built through interacting with a number of large marketing agencies, as we realized that many of these agencies struggled to offer effective SEO services to their clients while maintaining their desired project profitability.

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There are a range of reasons why our agency clients utilize our services, but below are the most common:

[column width="1/3" position="first"][feat_text title="Flat-Fee Projects" icon="icon icon-wrench"]We provide flat-fee website search engine optimization, keyword research, and link building so you can allocate budgets easily.[/feat_text][/column][column width="1/3" position=""][feat_text title="Deliverable-Based Projects" icon="icon icon-upload-3"]All of our projects are deliverable-based, which means you have documented results to provide to your clients.[/feat_text][/column][column width="1/3" position="last" ][feat_text title="Link Building" icon="icon icon-link-2"]We are able to acquire authoritative SEO links that meet Google’s best practices in a scalable way (Learn more about our agency link building service).[/feat_text][/column]

We can help you do the same in your business. Each agency support engagement is unique, so please contact us to let us know your needs. From there, we will share more detail regarding our processes and examples of our work as well as a Proposal Brief for potential work with your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion title="We’re an SEO Agency- these SEO support services are only for non-SEO-specific agencies, right?" is_open="yes"]In fact, the majority of our agency support relationships are with agencies that specialize in SEO. While you may have a detailed process and workflow in place for website optimization and keyword research projects, we’ve found that most SEO agencies have difficulty implementing effective link building campaigns for their clients. That’s where we come in- we have the ability, which we’d be happy to share with you, to acquire authoritative SEO links in a scalable way while staying within Google’s best practices. In short, you manage the website as well as keyword research and we’ll manage the link building.[/accordion][accordion title="How can we still make money on our SEO services if we have you do them?" is_open="no"]Through our work with many agencies, we have built our agency support rates to fit within the model of most agencies that consider working with us. In particular, we have priced our flat-fee agency support services to be *below the internal cost* that most agencies have to provide these SEO services on their own.[/accordion][accordion title="Do you have to interact with the client / Will the client know that you’re providing these services?" is_open="no"]This is a decision that is up to the agency that we’re working with- we’re able to deliver SEO results whether we’re working directly with the client or strictly through our contact at your agency. In addition, our services can be white-labeled by your agency to fit within all of your other service offerings.[/accordion]


[column width="1/3" position="last" ]Customer Testimonials[testimonial width="1/3" author="Bernard Roesch" author_title="MissionQuickBooks.com"]Compete Marketing Group has managed my marketing quite effectively since 2010. I’ve been impressed with their work ethic, the results they’ve achieved, and the professionalism with which they manage projects and campaigns. I trust their expertise and recommend them to businesses looking to grow their business through online marketing.[/testimonial][/column]