Apart from client work, the management team at Compete Marketing Group operates a number of web-based businesses within the agency which we refer to as “in-house ventures”. While each venture varies, the overarching goal of all in-house ventures is in-line with the goal of our own clients: to build profitable online marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

The fact that we invest our own money on a day-to-day basis in our own ventures is something that sets us apart from other firms. We are confident enough in the online marketing recommendations we make to clients that we invest in them ourselves on our own projects. This is very different from the typical “service provider” marketing agency model.

For this reason, we can be a powerful partner in helping build the online revenue of your business in addition to merely providing SEO services.

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Examples of Potential Strategic Guidance

In addition to providing search engine optimization services, we are able to provide strategic guidance to businesses seeking to build a successful and sustainable online marketing program. While each strategic guidance engagement is unique, below are potential areas where we can provide experienced guidance and recommendations.

[column width="2/3" position="first" ][accordion title="Online Traffic Generation" is_open="yes"]In addition to driving website traffic via search engine optimization, we have expierence in creating an managing advanced online ad campaigns. This includes pay per click / adwords as well as full-scale online ad campaigns which integrate display ads, re-marketing, and more.[/accordion][accordion title="Effective Online Lead or Sale Conversion" is_open="no"]We have experience in conversion optimization, which is the process of testing adjustments to various aspects of the online customer experience process to ensure that the highest percentage of website visitors are converting to leads and / or sales.[/accordion][accordion title="CRM / Sales Funnel Automation and Optimization" is_open="no"]Through a number of our in-house ventures, we have designed advanced systems that enable us to automate much of the sales funnel for typical online campaigns. For example, we design automated “workflows” where a lead is generated through the website and the subsequent prospect communication process via email, phone, mail, and more is almost entirely automated and requires only low-skill human labor (if any human labor at all) to scale efficiently. To discuss this specific tactic in more detail if you think it could be a value to your business, please contact us.[/accordion][/column][column width="1/3" position="last" ][testimonial width="1/3" author="Bernard Roesch" author_title="MissionQuickBooks.com"]Compete Marketing Group has managed my marketing quite effectively since 2010. I’ve been impressed with their work ethic, the results they’ve achieved, and the professionalism with which they manage projects and campaigns. I trust their expertise and recommend them to businesses looking to grow their business through online marketing.[/testimonial][/column]

While we are selective in taking on Online Business Strategic Guidance engagements due to our specialization in providing SEO services to a range of clients, we would be interested in learning more about your business to see if the engagement is a good match. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and our capabilities in more detail.